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The description of goods on this website does not constitute a contractual offer in selling these goods. When an order has been submitted I can reject it for any reason - although I will try to make contact with you without delay. Reasons include but are not limited to, low or out-of-stock items, issues in the hand-making process or ongoing problems with previous transactions involving yourself or someone close to you.

Due to items being variably cut by hand from a large roll of fabric no two items will be completely identical and so your items may have a slight variation from other pictured items in the same category. I am also unable to place prints to personal preferences and at times due to the hand cutting process and size of some items you may not see the whole design on the front of an item.

In the case of any items made to your special requirements, it is your responsibility to ensure that any information or specifications you provide are accurate. By requesting a custom order you accept that I will replicate your idea to the best of my ability but the finished item may differ from your vision.

Orders are sent via Royal Mail 2nd or 1st class.  Should an item be lost or damaged in transit, the buyer must make contact as soon as possible. I will however work with the customer to resolve any matters swiftly and to the best of my ability. By purchasing you agree this is fair and sufficient.

I retain and use all information strictly under the privacy policy.

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